smoked makerel pate

Makerel pate to go with garlic bread out of a packet
I am still enamoured of the new food processor K gave me for my 40th birthday which accounts for why most things currently are milled, mashed, grated or juiced.
Anyhow, the garlic bread – horrid low fat stuff – was approaching d-day and I really don’t like throwing food away. So I suggested to K that we should have garlic bread and dips and stuff for supper.
He was outraged (well slightly less outraged than he was at my first suggestion that we have proper caesar salad). I suppose it’s only fair to say that he’s five days into giving up smoking, is coming down with a cold and has almost painted the house. This means that he feels he deserves a little treat and salad is not a treat for a Yorkshireman.
While the what’ll we have for supper debate trundled to its inevitable halt outside the takeaway curry shop we cooked the bread and I made smoked makerel pate to go with it. It’s kind of necessary as it’s revolting on its own.
And now I’m too full for curry.

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