Boots on again

We like to walk, it’s probably a family thing. Whenever we get together we’ve always set out – whatever the weather – for a stroll.
The newer members of the family can’t quite get their heads round it, but they indulge us.
“It’s cats and dogs outside so off you pop for a nice hike. Yeah, don’t mind me. I’m just peachy here in the house with the telly and the papers.”
I can’t speak for the rest, but it makes me feel better somehow and it certainly makes it easier to talk… or not to talk.
So we’re walking some or all of the Eden in aid of Hospice at Home and in memory of dad.
Look it’s all here –
And think of us especially on Tuesday, August 28 when the route will take us along Dad’s favourite walk.
In fact, the pictures show us there on the day of his funeral.

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