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“So how do mummies get babies in their tummies then?” asked Number Two Son in his very carrying voice.
In spite of the lunchtime rush, the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum went oddly quiet.
I tried passing the buck but for once the News Panther seemed stuck for an answer. In fact, he was probably the only person in the cafe to be still absorbed by their lunch.
In my pre-motherhood years, before I learned to shout and when I still fondly imagined my potential children would eat hummus and listen to reason, I had considered being asked this question.
It’s one of those “do you remember where you were when?” sorts of questions.
I’d imagined settling down and looking the child in the eye before embarking on a simplified but anatomically correct response. My answer would leave no room for storks, cabbage patches, funny kind of wee or even when-two-people-love-each-other-very-much. So much for that.
Stalling didn’t work. “I’ll tell you when we get back in the car.”
“Tell me now.”
The cafe got quieter.
It’s a shame really because it probably distracted a lot of the people in the cafe from some of the finest fish and chips I’ve ever tasted.
Can’t recommend it too highly. In fact, it was so good we stopped in on the way home again too.
The Real Food Cafe – a rehabilitated Little Chef – is a shining example of how it is possible to cook good food well without getting all poncy or expensive about it all.
Please, please, mundane and mediocre cafes and restaurants everywhere take note. If they can do it, so can you.

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  1. says

    I second the fish and chips approval. And Stuart, who finished a bacon roll with its own postcode then “helped” me with my fish and chips, thirds it.

  2. peakpirate says

    Yes, best gluten-free fish ‘n’ chips I’ve ever tasted, or had for that matter.And yes, what did you tell him??

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