Ransom note

If something’s good enough I don’t mind paying for it. (What’s that I can hear the Panther muttering?)
Nowt’s for nowt, as they say. And the Glasgow Science Centre certainly isn’t for nowt – more than £20 for us all to go. But I don’t mind, not when it kept us all amused in such a wholesome manner on a wet holiday Monday. You don’t even have to walk through the gift shop on the way out.
What I do mind about is being held to ransom in the car park. £2 before you can get out.
If the excuse is that they’re trying to save the planet, wouldn’t a proper train/bus/tram which stops at the door be more effective? Plus some detailed information about how and when to catch it.
It’s simply a variation on putting check-out sweeties at brat eye-level. Who is going to arrive with the kids in the back all geed up about the visit, see the notice and say: “sorry kids we’re going to come back another day on the bus because this is a rip-off”, “sorry kids, we’ll be there soon, we’re off to buy a Rottweiler so we can park the car for free in Govan” or “£2! One of you can stay in the car”?

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