Good Gord

Before I start, I’d like to state the the Panther of News is the only man for me and he is without doubt very attractive, clever and funny. And he shares a certain weary sexiness with that chap in the new Rebus.
Now I’ll begin…
How much of the ubiquitous Mr Ramsay is showbiz-y artifice and how much is real knife-quivering-in-the-chopping board chef?
I ask this because Gordon came up in conversation on Friday while two girlfriends and I dined at Bridge of Weir’s newest restaurant.
Amaretto, on Main Street, opened a couple of months ago giving our Renfrewshire town a much needed alternative to curry or pub ordinare in a basket.
So far it’s proved itself to be tasty, fresh and efficient. In fact the only minor complaint relates to the last. Too many staff – all too keen. We were asked half a dozen times in five minutes if we were ready to order.
Anyhow, over very competent black bream, lasagne and risotto respectively, our chat came round to the charms of Big G.
“No, not even slightly attractive. How could he be with those creases on his face?”
“Ooh. Don’t care about the creases. Can’t you see how sexy all that machismo is? Just look at his confidence – he’s a man who knows what he wants.”
“Me too. He’s aggressive and masculine – the lines on his face probably add to that.”
So – strictly theoretically – two against one that the Renfrewshire-born chef has what it takes to ‘bend me backwards over the hostess trolley’ if he wants, to coin a Victoria Wood phrase.
That settles that and we know he gives good telly and knows how to sell books… but can he cook?
I’ll let you know – Gord and I have a hot date on Friday morning, at the BBC Good Food Glasgow show.
I’ll let you know…

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