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“So he’s just like the Duracell bunny except that he’s not a bunny and he doesn’t have any batteries. Oh and he’s not an electronic toy. But apart from that, he is. Oi, you’re a Duracell bunny. Duracell bunny,” Boy One taunted Boy Two.
It was the end of a day during which the boys were introduced to outdoor rock climbing. Boy Two showed a rather worrying aptitude that his aunt reckons will come in useful in the future if he needs to make a hasty getaway. Given that the Panther claims to be already saving for his bail perhaps they see in him something his mother can’t.
Anyway, with infinite patience Glenn from Ratho Adventure Centre (now under the unsnappy banner of Edinburgh International Climbing Arena) took the two boys and their friend H through their paces.
Apparently it’s one of the few places where youngsters can get a taste of ‘proper’ outdoor climbing.
H’s mum and I had a go too and, rather shakily, we both confirmed it is a bit different to the indoor stuff.
The best moment of the day for me came when Glenn fashioned a loop of rope from a sturdy tree branch and clipped the children there by their harnesses. There they hung contented a couple of feet from the ground, unable to get down and rendered totally harmless. Maybe there’s a business idea in there…

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