‘King outrageous

OK – it was handy.
Boy Two had just been to the doctor to get the manky bits on his feet inspected (verucca type thingy and athlete’s foot, since you ask) so we were rushing to get to his piano lessons. Oh the seat-of-the pants mental calculations involved. Do we have time to get home, cook fish fingers, get everyone assembled and out again in time?
Apparently not, which is why we fetched up in Burger King on the High Street in Paisley on a Thursday evening.
“Have it your way,” they promise.
My way? What, clean, tasty, quick and good value? OK then.
How unfortunate, then, that the corporate floor tiles give the impression of being greasy and grubby when, presumably, they aren’t.
And isn’t it bad luck that a little before 6pm when lots of hungry people are around there is only one member of staff able to talk to customers? On the other hand, isn’t it commendable that a firm such as Burger King should have such an inclusive employment policy? Who’d have thought so many mute, lank, malodorous individuals could get so far in catering?
And good value? I can’t quibble there. The Boys chose Kids Meals (nothing Happy about these) with three chicken strips, chips, drinks and a Pokémon related toy. A bargain at £2.49. The discussion about which part of a chicken a strip comes from will keep for another day.
Both boys having healthy appetites I ordered some extra chicken strips – £2.99 for four. That makes them almost 75p each. Are you with me? Therefore, the drink, chips and Pokémon related novelty in the Kids Meals come in at less than 25p all together. A bargain, but My Way won’t take me this way again.

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