Building our hopes up

The chance is so small you couldn’t see it with a microscope, but it’s possible someone cares, even slightly, about the progress of our extension. So just in case and because I care to the point of obsession I thought I’d bring an update.
So far – about halfway through the project – things are looking good. We’re two weeks ahead of schedule (according to the architect), on budget and still speaking the the builder and each other. Oh, and the builder brings his own kettle and doesn’t even trouble us for a teabag.
Ok, there was a hitchette when the sitting room developed a water feature with a current strong enough to generate electricity. And it’s becoming a bit irritating not being able to find things and what we do find is a bit dusty.
But, really, as they say can’t complain. I’m getting used to the percussion and I’ve discovered hidden benefits such as revealing the depth of the Panther’s parsimony the day he wandered round the hopefully soon to be completed west wing muttering: “Surely we don’t need all these doors, do we?”
I’ve learned to live with a tumble dryer and enjoyed the fact that, on the whole, clothes come out flat so I’ve saved hours and hours of ironing time.
And, best of all, I’ve the soundest excuse ever for not doing any housework.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I was very impressed with the west wing – so much so that me, the missus, the dog and pickachu are moving in!

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