Driven to drugs

Picking up a prescription from the chemist is a pretty routine kind of thing, isn’t it?
Usually it goes like this:
1. Pick up prescription from surgery or phone them and ask ask them to send it to the pharmacy across the road.
2. Go to pharmacy across the road, pick up drugs
3. Go home
Phone calls: 1
Miles driven: 6
But this week things went a little differently:
1. Ask the Panther to phone surgery and ask them nicely to sent prescription to the pharmacy across the road.
2. Go to pharmacy across the road.
3. Find they only have one of the two items you asked for, they say it’ll be the surgery’s fault.
4. Go to surgery and ask them what’s happening with the second part of the prescription
5. Listen while doctors’ receptionist phones pharmacy across the road and confirms that they have the prescription and it’ll be ready to pick up the next day.
6. Return the following day to the pharmacy across the road. They say there’s no sign of the prescription. Listen while the pharmacist rings the surgery who confirms that a prescription hasn’t been prepared yet.
7. Go home
8. Phone surgery who say that:
a. Panther surely didn’t ring on Monday.
b. Oh, sorry, He did ring on Monday. Can’t imagine what happened.
c. Perhaps I should think of changing to another surgery.
d. Maybe I could try the pharmacy a couple of miles away they might be able to pick up the prescription.
9. Ring pharmacy a couple of miles away who say that of course they have the drug and if you get the surgery to call them they can prepare the prescription.
10. Ring surgery and ask the doctors’ receptionist to phone the pharmacy a couple of miles away and give them the prescription over the phone.
11. Listen while the doctors’ receptionist sighs deeply, pauses and eventually agrees to phone.
12. Send Panther to pharmacy a couple of miles away to pick up prescription.
13. Open parcel he brings home.
14. Send Panther back to pharmacy to return two items (Neurofen and ankle sized Tubigrip) as they were required last September under the Minor Ailment Scheme.
15. Panther returns with drugs
Phone calls: 9
Miles driven: 16

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