Merry Christmas

Phew, nearly there. Almost time to get into the festive family huddle and pull the drawbridge up secure in the knowledge that there are enough toys, batteries, booze and food to keep us going for weeks.
I’m surprising myself by how jolly I feel about this Yuletide malarkey and how much I’m looking forward to a few days with my fabulous family.
It’s been an interesting year in that sense of the ‘may you live in interesting times’ curse. The fantastical golf buggy of life has hit more than a handful of potholes yet gone on to breast a few steep summits affording breathtaking views. (That’s enough with the daft golf buggy metaphor, I don’t even like golf)
But I’m going to spare you a review of the year/ state of my miniature nation address and just say – have a happy Christmas, a prosperous new year and let’s see if 2010 can be as dull as possible, but in a good way.

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