woman writer uses virtual bandages to bind her breasts and become a man

Do you remember all those stores of brave heroines disguising themselves as men and generally saving the day.
You can see it – long hair hacked off, breasts bound flat with bandages and in brother’s too big clothes.
Hurrah – these ladies generally gave the chaps what for, got taken seriously and were all-round good, role-modely type eggs.
Can’t happen these days though. We’ve had suffrage, the vote, legislation and, besides, we all know there’s nothing a woman can’t do as well as a man – bar a few anatomical exceptions.
So I was deeply depressed when I read this tale of how a struggling female copywriter became a cyberman and, hey presto, everyone listened and her career took off.
I’m all for derring do and heroism – even in the ether – but surely we’ve moved on from women hiding out in suits of armour or pretending to be cabin boys.

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  1. says

    It's sad that in this day and age a woman has to resort to such measures to support her family.
    Could I do it? No. But I can see why she did.

  2. says

    Indeed. Although I think it raises interesting questions about the internet. I thought the net would make it easier for people to be themselves, but apparently not.

  3. says

    C'mon anonymous unmask yourself. And as to your question – I'll ask the Panther of News if he finds the bandages help with the chores or if they're, er, a bind.

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