mending, baby-led weaning and The Bridge to Terabithia

Things I’ve learned from my children today

The thought is definitely the important thing. Putting the clean dishes away, two mugs skittered out of the overfilled cupboard and splintered on the floor. My thought was “ho hum, never mind there’ll be a bit more space in the cupboard now”. I stopped buying “good” mugs after our tiled floor took one too many casualty. So I picked up the bits and put them on the counter ready to find a box to put the shards in then went to have a bath with a good book. I was enjoying what passes for a treat thest days when: “Mum, we’ve mended them!”
“Oh,” bath peace didn’t last long then.
Here’s the result of their efforts.
“We put sellotape over the gaps so they won’t leak.”
Thanks boys.

Babies have opinions too. While I’ve been reading the BLW book and pondering the rights and wrongs of it all, Boy Three has made up his mind. Two days ago, when I started to feed him he yelled, loud and long. Eventually, I worked it out. He wanted to do it himself. It was his way of saying: “Give me the spoon, the dish, the bread, that sausage, the fruit, that drink. Go on. Now. Give it to me and I’ll do it myself.”
Fair enough. So now he has goop spread on anything he can pick up and the time I save on spooning I spend on cleaning.

A good movie will need some debriefing time. Family movie this time was The Bridge to Terabithia taped by the Panther of News over Christmas. Supper eaten, snacks distributed and sofas and beanbags all arranged for comfort. So far so good. What an amazing and shocking children’s film. I won’t spoil it for you, but when I tucked Boy Two in to bed he asked: “Did that girl die because she said she didn’t believe in the Bible?”

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