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There’s a new punctuation mark. It’s called the Sarcmark and for $!.99 you can use it as often you want to let people know when you’re being sarky. I can’t make up my mind whether this is sheer genius and just what communication is calling out for or yet more e-piffle.
I’ll admit there were occasions where The Panther of News and I became locked in a clash of huffs because one or the other of us couldn’t tell that the text or email was accompanied by that wiggly-fingers-under-the-chin gesture. I may once or twice failed to understand that he couldn’t tell I had typed in a weird and humorous voice. So perhaps the Sarcmarc could have kept the peace by bringing the equivalent of a nudge to our conversations.
On the other hand, had we just slowed down a little and used language properly these misunderstandings might have been avoided. We’ve also learned that it’s important to check for all possible meanings before taking the hump, but we’ve had quite a lot of practice.
The big danger is that it’s just another key stroke on the road to the fatuous shorthand that is taking the place of real – even virtual – conversations.
However amusing the PoN and I are we’ve rarely found ourselves LOL, PML, ROFL, LMAO, LMTO or victim of any other undignified expression of mirth.
IMHO I fail to see how @mosFER is easier to type than atmosphere, but maybe I’m missing the point.
Perhaps it would be more useful to come up with a whole new set of acronyms – alternaticons if you will?
IMSFUICSACIMY – I’m so fed up I could stick a carrot in my eye.
IIHYSTOMTYBIC – If I hear you saying that one more time your birthday will be cancelled.
HMBAFIBHMFI – He might be a flipping (or whatever) idiot, but he’s my flipping idiot.
GYOINYSATIAH – Get your own I’m not your servant and this is not a hotel.
NJCCBMASCC – Not just chocolate cake but M&S chocolate cake
HCSASAYBATBADAC – How can someone as stupid as you be allowed to breed and drive a car.
So, ESWBOIIMCTROFL entertaining suggestions welcome but only if I’m certain to roll on the floor laughing.

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  1. Anonymous says

    what about:
    LTSTLNA: Life's too short to live next to a**holes

    OBITTCBFNAIDBA: Oh Bugger it's time to collect baby from nursery and I've done bugger all

    and my own personal favorite, but I know a few other advocates…..
    FIOW: Faffing instead of working

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