And waiting for me…

545 feed posts
15 pages left open as reminders they are must reads
5 facebook messages
1 new blog follower
4 new blog comments
3 new twitter followers
93 unread emails
at least 7 emails that need replies out of manners at the very least
2 playdates to arrange
undisclosed amount (because I’m only looking through my fingers) housework needing done

All these things are waiting for my attention. You see, I’ve been doing a week bit of proper work in someone else’s office this week (two offices, actually). I’d forgotten just how much working like that gets in the way of all the other stuff. So if you’re feeling snubbed, rejected, ignored or perhaps you hadn’t even noticed my absence, never fear, I’ll catch up soon.

But meantime:
1 small boy going to football practice
32 minutes to football practice
1 number of socks small boy has found
3 number of children needing packed into car to take Boy Two to football
1 number of son’s friends needing sent home
So I suppose I’d better get going again.

PS I’ve only just realised that I have a patter of lumps under the should-be smooth front of my shirt today: seeds from the bagel I ate for breakfast in the car. Suggestions about how to do this grown-up going to work thing most welcome please.

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  1. says

    God you have just reminded me of all the stuff I have to do, cheers for that! I went to work with sick on my top the other day, didn't notice until I came out of the meeting. Great. I have no advice other than, sit down and have a glass of wine x

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