Changing bag bomb, bottoms and some more chemistry

Things I’ve learned from my children today.

When dirty clothes come back from the childminder inside three plastic bags this is no pass the parcel. Open with great caution.

Arse is the funniest word… ever. Watching The Mummy Returns, Izzy (mad flying machine driver in the manner of that chap in Mad Max) says: “Everytime we go anywhere together, it all goes wrong and I end up getting shot in the arse.” Boy Two must have repeated it at least 100 times since Saturday night. By the way, can anyone explain what those small nasty creatures were? Were they gremlins?

Science is all very well but not everyone’s cup of tea. I gave Boy One a new mug a few weeks ago. In the short term it may not have been the wisest of purchases. The Periodic Table of Elements has featured in many conversations this week.
“Mum, what elements are you made of?”
“Er… water, calcium, maybe some iron…”
“What about the rest? You know, what elements is your DNA made of?”
“What are your genes made of?”
“Denim,” I ventured. Apparently not though.
Then when little friend H stayed.
“H, what’s the first element in the Periodic Table of Elements?”
“Er… I don’t know.”
“I’ll give you a clue it begins with H.”
“Dunno, Ally.”
“Do you give up? OK It’s hydrogen. But you can have a second chance if you want.”
“OK,” she’s a competitive one.
“Right, what’s the second element and it begins with H too.”
It’s going to be a long morning.

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  1. says

    Changing bags like that have to go straight in the bin really don't they? The periodic table is yet another thing that I know I knew once, but know nothing of now :(

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