Washing, travelling and bedtime hassles

Things I’ve learned from my children today.
Hygiene is relative. Boy Two seemed to go suddenly from a moderatly tidy child who didn’t really like feeling sticky or grubby into Stig of the Dump. After school, his hands, face and neck were grimy and smeared.
“Wash your hands and face – they’re horrible.”
“But, mum I did it yesterday.”

Although the travel is a noble calling, it must be tempered. Boy One is doing the European Union at school this year. Learning about different nations, their habits and traditions is admirable. Visiting them too is a great idea. HOwever, this morning I’ve fielded requests to visit Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. It’s only 9.35am. And enthusiam for Europe is so great that news of our planned holiday fell somewhat flat.
“But Turkey isn’t in Europe mum. Can’t we go to Poland instead?”
Er, Boy One, no.

A higher vantage point is not always better – although it may seem that way at first. Boy Three is finding his feet. He’s taking any opportunity to get on them. However, this isn’t always wise. When you’re in your cot in your sleeping bag, repeated attempts to secure your toes on the mattress will only end up further shortening the distance between your chin and the bed.

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    I love nothing more than in-depth European travel discussions…. debates about hygiene and all before 10am! Today I am so far doing well – the big question of the day is ….. “mummy is tomorrow the day after today, just today, or is it the day after today on all the days? And… why is that?”…. I may return to bed!

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