Inner children come out to play in the snow only not in a good way

Other things I’ve learned.
They say that snow brings out the inner child, well that was certainly true in our street today.
Where we live there’s generally plenty of space for everyone. The street was built before developers realised that if you rationed parking spots then you could wedge another house in.
So, normally, we all put our little tin boxes in their regular places outside our slightly bigger brick boxes.
But then it snowed, and snowed, and snowed.
Over a day our road filled up with snow. It covered the cars, slithering off in the slight thaw to form a barricade of ice around the vehicles. When the snow plough eventually trundled up the hill it pushed even more slush into mounds around the parking spaces and over the kerbs.
The upshot was that unless you dug, you weren’t getting in or out.
There’s a chap who lives across the road and he dug. He got his car out and, presumably, went to work.
Meantime, The Panther of News – not by nature a digger (except of the truth) came home. He snitched the space – sniggering as he knew that chap who lives across the road is fairly possessive of that bit of road at the best of times.
Later, the chap making his weary way from wherever he goes all day was probably hopeful of sliding into his space, walking the 12 steps to his front door and relaxing. Instead, The Panther’s wheels are smirking at him and the only other available place is full of frozen stuff.
So he dug again. Only he didn’t just dig his way to a safe parking spot and stop, he dug loose snow out and piled it under the Panther’s Newsmobile.
Meanwhile, peering out of the window, Panther is beside himself with glee and saying things like “I’ve just remembered something I need to get out of the car” and “I’m just off out for some fresh air”.
I can’t decide which one was the most childish but they should probably have settled it with a snowball fight. Mind you, things still haven’t thawed, so it might come to that yet.

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  1. Anonymous says

    You could buy the Panther a shovel, then it could be shovels at 10 paces – a duel!! You could sell tickets for it! Mxx

  2. Anonymous says

    The guys a nutter. Ellen is far too supportive of him if you ask me. This Panther character didn't ask him to clear the public highways. I don't imagine the other people who cleared spaces to get their cars out are as precious. Imagine a man in his 50s deliberately shovelling snow under this clearly cool Panther guy's car, no really. I bet he had such a wonderfully grumpy face as well. The Panther could have had so much fun but Ellen wouldn't let him out. He would probably have said: “Have you not done enough shovelling there old fella, it's tough at your age.” Bet the Panther is racing home today to try and park there again, or maybe in his new dug out space and then put your car into his old spave, oh how divine that would be. It's not childish to have free fun.

  3. says

    CJ, I keep looking out hoping that there was a magic overnight thaw. x

    I think car wars hasn't finished yet.

    Lady BB, you're right – they're still at it.

    Panther, of course it's not childish – just don't do it in front of the children it sets a bad example x

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