Little trivia party…

I did give a moment’s thought to summing up the past three years in terms of their huge events – of which there are many. Then I thought “nah, we’ve had enough of all the funerals, weddings, jobs, pregnancies and so on. Time for a little levity”.

So I decided to share some little-known facts about the key players in my blog.

The Panther of News was once a professional nutter, he put the walnuts on top of the whips.
I wanted to be a choreographer when I grew up (amusing if you’ve seen me dance).
Boy One would have been Bellatrix if he was a girl.
I once broke a bone in my hand doing a parachute jump.
Boy Two was nearly called Rafferty.
My first car was a banana yellow Ford Fiesta.
Boy Three would have been called Seamus if PoN had his way.
I’ve lived on a boat at least twice.
I did a coursetry fitting training course.
I can do mirror writing.
I have variously learned (not very well) to play the piano, the guitar, the violin, the French horn, map reading, first aid and Spanish.
I like Gilbert and Sullivan but not horror movies.
Mushrooms are my favourite vegetables.
Our family traditions include Fish and Chip Friday, Eggy Bread Saturday and Pancake Sunday.
Finaly, I’ve never, ever seen one of those magic eye pictures – in fact, I’m sure they’re a big joke and don’t actually reveal anything but some coloured dots.

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  1. says

    No way did the PoN put the walnuts on the whips! :). Muttie once calculated the average price of a banana on a weekly basis (when she worked with Fyffes). PS The best ones come from Suriname.

    Does Pancake Sunday extend to friends just happen to popping in? Not that I'd want one, being a cat an' all, but Muttie might…

    Milt x

  2. debbie says

    Very impressed with the corsetry qualification and had no idea at all about your musical talents! Trust me, just being able to get notes out of an instrument qualifies as talented compared to me.
    BUT … if boy no.1 had been girl no.1 instead and you called her Bellatrix, I might have struggled to say “Oh, how lovely.”

  3. says

    Auntie Ellen, you know how generous I am well…I've just awarded you a Beautiful Blogger award and put a link to you on my site so you'll probably be getting visited by loads of cats over the next 48 hours or so. Now, I know you're not a big cat lover but…

    M x

  4. says

    Thanks Milton. Tell her she's v welcome on Pancake Sunday. And thanks for the award.

    Deb, and if we followed the pattern, Boy Two would have been Beetlejuice.

    CJ – Thanks x

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