Farage, Lembit, Nubo, Clegg, Burley and pakora

New words for my dictionary this week.

– this is what happens when you pretend you aren’t even ever so slightly slightly miffed at not being shortlisted for an award such as The Mads. But then you see the high calibre of the shortlistees and make this noise. It’s no wonder you weren’t included. Take heart though The Slummies are here.

– a lesser form of schadenfreude. Delight at someone else’s misfortune once you establish they haven’t been seriously hurt tempered with the uncharitable thought that it should really have been someone from the BNP then it would have been really funny.

– that squirmy sense of unease when a vulnerable person is firstly exploited and then patronised. Applies to the mentally ill, aged, very young and terminally stupid.

– feeling sorry for someone you didn’t think you ever could. Could be brought on by watching them being picked on by the merciless class bullies.

Burley – not to be confused with a Lembit. In the case of a Burley, even if you’re not sure why, you know they deserve it.

Clegg – when the current infatuation loses its shine and reveals itself to be more troublesome and involved than you ever imagined. (Compare the turbo juicer, acrylic nails, cashmere jumper and cut-price deep-fat fryer)

(synonym prawn toast-remorse) – the sense that despite long deliberation you’ve plumped for the wrong option.

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  1. Debbie says

    Totally with you on the Burley. Positively most repellent interviewer on television. Dead fishy eyes and suspiciously immobile face coupled with apparent deafness to answers. She asks the questions she has on her list, regardless of what the interviewee has just said.
    Am eagerly awaiting the day (following example is not to be treated as truth) when George Osborne answers a question on financial policy with “Actually, I don't know a thing about money and I'm only here because Dave and I were the only members of the Hitler Youth at Eton” and she responds with “No, you haven't answered my question about the budget deficit.”
    Dreadful woman.

  2. says

    It must be a terrible come down for Nick Clegg and you can see from the unsmiling expression that he's pissed off at the result he got. Not sure what he expected really. However, we could do with more Jeremy Paxman interviewers and more Nick Robinson reporters if you ask me.

    CJ xx

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