Men – mine in pictures

I’m not really a joiny-in kind of person but I like the idea of Tara’s Gallery.
She suggests a theme, you go off and take pictures and somehow, the magic pixies of the internet join it all together.
This week she threw ‘men’ up in the air, not literally, you understand.
I wasn’t really going to bother, then yesterday the sun shone and my main man, the Panther of News, suggested we take the smaller ones to the other park in the village. (Yeah, we live in a two-play park town, so what?).
Here’s the result. My chaps having a laugh together, what more could I want? Er, well, probably a guarantee they’ll never make me go on that swingy thing.

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  1. Anonymous says

    What great pictures – and the previous one of Boy 3 in his flexible bucket – what a good looking little chap he is – with a grin like that he should go far!
    Your menfolk are a grand crowd – enjoy them! Mxx

  2. says

    I'm not joiny-inny either; in fact, am in hiding tonight as there's a year 1 class drinks.
    What lovely pics, though. Your 'beta' play park looks a damn sight more exciting than ours.

  3. says

    Thanks Mum – I think they're grand too. x

    Trish, hearty joining in gives me the shivers, as do swingy things.

    Milt, indeed

    CJ, Thanks v much.

    NWBI, Ah yes, compulsory fun – how awful keep your head down. The playpark has just had makeover and it's fab and, so far, unvandalised.

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