Simple quantum physics, rich hair and beetroot roulette

Things I learned from my children today.

(Pics not relevant, just amusing)

Simple is relative
. On a trip to an archeology fun day (no not an oxymoron) at Glasgow’s Hunterian museum, Boy One and I were chatting.
“I know more than you mummy,” he stated.
“Really? Like what?”
“Everything. I’m much, much cleverer.”
“OK. What’s the highest mountain in England then?”
“England doesn’t have mountains.”
“Yes it does. We’ll climb it if you don’t think it’s a mountain.”
“I didn’t mean that. I meant interesting stuff. Ask me something simple about quantum physics?”

Some hair is for the haves and some for the have nots.
Boy Two was messing with Boy Three in his high chair. There was some breakfast spreading going on.
“Look mummy, his hair’s all back here behind his ears like a rich person.”

Danger is everywhere.
Boy Three, Boy One and I punctuated our trip to the Hunterian – don’t forget to check out the odd collection of penises (penii?), it includes a weasel’s penis bone – with lunch. We went to Stravaigin. Typically Boy Three squirmed and squealed before settling down to scoff. Feeling devil may care, I fed him roast beetroot… a colourful choice.

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  1. says

    Collection of penises? Hmmm.

    I liked the first foto. (I'm able to appreciate these things now that depression over the ginger furball has lifted somewhat). I'm just wondering, maybe your kids would like to meet ginger furball and take him apart?

    Milt x

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