Bog blog and some climbing

Things I’ve learned from my children today.
Small children can do astonishing things in a very short space of time. There I was checking the spare rib recipe for the next step while Boy Three pottered. I looked up and this is what I saw. He was ever so pleased with himself.

Upwards is not always onwards.
Boy Three loves to climb. Today I have removed him from the dining table, the top of the armchair in the bedroom, the shelves in the bathroom (he pushed the chair over to get a foot up), the bed (slightly ajar drawers as steps) and his brother’s bed (it’s a mid-sleeper up five steps).

Quiet and relative tidiness is over-rated.
Boys One and Two are still at their dad’s. Having a ball according to our nightly calls. Tomorrow they’re off to learn to sail. When they first went off it was heavenly to have a slightly more orderly home and fewer mouths to feed/pants to wash, now, though, I’m over that. Time to come home Boys. Roll on Thursday.

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  1. Debbie says

    If this is the worst that went wrong after your day of calm and order, you've done great.
    And it does make for a wonderful picture too xxx

  2. says

    Mummy Mishaps, thanks he was very chuffed.

    Debbie, it was certainly the funniest.

    TNMA, flushing had been done – that's his usual game.

    Mags, a total sense of achievement.

    TheMadHouse, how do you deal with your climber?

  3. says

    Thanks for joining in with my blog hop over at Celebrating Mums. I too have a boy who is a climber. He climbed before he walked onto window sills was a fave. Used to frighten the poor neighbours but if I got him down, he just went up again.

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