X Factor punched its way to new low

So did we all see X Factor on Saturday. The one where the girl lamped her pal cos her pal said “who are you anyway?” to Natalie Imbruglia.

Well Abbey and Lisa for it was they, were reunited in the offices of Heat magazine.

Apparently they had gone off in a strop so big they had even unfriended each other on Facebook.

However, together again, the pair were doing a live interview that there is the slightest outside chance may have earned them a few quid. That, along with the OK! interview and the joke slot at a nearby nightclub.

They may never be contenders for X Factor, but the lovely Abbey and Lisa would certainly be up there in a person-you’d-least-like-to-be-stuck-in-a-lift-with contest.

They were quick to rehash what happened that fateful night. Abbey said: “I hit her because she was rude. Just so rude. She deserved it. People said afterwards she deserved a slap.”

Lisa, on the other hand, was contrite. She explained how she’d issued several apologies to Simon Cowell which were so well received the forgiving Mr C invited her back on the show another time. She had also written to Natalie and said sorry to pal Abbey.

The whole thing had me confused. OK, Lisa didn’t give a terribly good account of herself and she was taking feisty to a new level, but she didn’t hit anyone.

Abbey on the other hand seems to think she was perfectly justified in whacking her then best friend because she was embarrassed by her lack of manners. Rudeness isn’t really on, but violence never is.

PS The Heat interview was pure gold and I’m sure it’ll make it’s way into the big wide netosphere sometime soon. Don’t miss it.

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  1. says

    “Apparently they had gone off in a strop so big they had even unfriended each other on Facebook.”


    I'm trying not to watch x-factor this year, but….

  2. says

    I did watch it but I was uncomfortable. They're so young, so, dare I say it, pretty stupid and how will they ever live it down? I know people go on there knowing what they're going to get (or they should do by now) but those girls are going to be labelled like that for ages. It's okay for us laughing at them in Heat and the papers for a few weeks, but really it's pretty low.

    I'm probably being hypocritical because I'll still watch it but sometimes I wish the producers took more care over people – well, the young ones anyway.

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