Happy Anniversary Panther

Four years ago today the Panther of News made an honest woman of me… or something. Can you believe it, four years?

I’m rather pleased with my choice, I think I picked well. The Panther is a fine fellow, getting finer as time goes on.

There’s a picture on the wall in the hall, just over there. It shows everyone outside smiling on an unseasonably warm October day in the garden of a small hotel in Cumbria. The picture reminds me of the moment the Panther took my hand as I walked up what passed for an aisle with dad.

I pause to look at the picture most days. And everyone smiles back at me. I remember though that three of the people in the picture are dead now and three of the couples divorced.
Then I reflect that seven babies have been born to six of the people who were there, four have got married and another pair engaged.

We are now a family of five with a bigger house, this means we have less money and less time. However our bigger house certainly reverberates with more laughter.

What does it mean? Don’t worry, I’m not coming over all Thought For The Day on you, but just wanted to point out how lucky I am. I’ve got the Panther, our boys and the rest of our friends and family. And we’ve got a store cupboard more than full enough of happy days and good news to compensate for life’s rainy spells.

Pic: Sunset on a rainy drive through a dreary bit of Renfrewshire.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Happy Anniversary, Ellen and Kevin, and I'm sorry I forgot. Can't believe it's 4 years – and the photo you sent is a fantastic snapshot of this moment – you all look terrific! Love Mxx

  2. Anonymous says

    oh bugger!
    I forgot too. The exact date being unimportant to anyone but those who made their vows.
    The rest of us just remember lots of laughter, champagne up the Beacon, Dad a little tipsy but pleased as punch, baby puke at breakfast all over favourite brother and generally a good day all round!
    Have to agree the Panther is getting better each year (but don't tell him that)!
    Much love

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