Hi ho, hi ho, here’s seven things you didn’t know..

If you thought that heading was rotten, don’t get your hopes up for an improvement.

I was tagged in a blog by the lovely Qwerty mum to come up with seven things you don’t know about me. So, in the interests of work avoidance, I picked up the bloggy baton and thought of a few. (Once I streaked at a test match.)

But goodness me, what a mundane collection of facts I’ve amassed. Hum and drum don’t come anywhere near covering it. I did consider making some up…. (I used to be an olympic weight lifter)

The idea is that I charm and fascinate with my list, then suggest a few other bloggers who might like to pick up the baton/cudgels or whatever. (My favourite food is pickled egg, I eat it twice a day)

Here are my sorry seven:

1 My big toe cracks loudly when I walk in flat shoes. See I told you you’d be thrilled.

2. The word ‘lunch’ makes me shudder – it’s the ‘nch’ bit at the end so the same goes for munch and bunch – while “mackerel’ makes me smile.

3. I like Gardeners’ Question Time, yet I hate gardening.

4. Weather is one of my favourite things. I like how it happens, when it changes. I even like rain and used to crave it when I lived on Gran Canaria.

5. I’d never been to Linlithgow before this week.

6. I grind my teeth… a lot. So much so, that I’ve had to have the grooves in my front teeth all filled in. Good to know some bit of me is groovy.

7. I’d generally rather be up before everyone else than have a lie in. Watching the sun come up is a daily miracle, not to mention a metaphor. Although a lie in once in a while is lovely, if you’re listing Panther.

How dull was that? (I once went on a date with Burt Reynolds.) (I often go to bed wearing nothing but a leather collar and a squirt of Pledge)

The bloggers to whom I pass this task are:

Lady Blah Blahs
Misssy M
Totally Tartan
Caron’s Musings
Lakes Single Mum

If you can’t come up with seven more interesting facts that I don’t know, I’ll eat my supper.. twice. (I had a pet snake that I trained to only the sound of my voice, but I had to get rid of it when my voice broke. But that was before I was a woman)

Pic: Linlithgow on a frosty morning. Walking Thursdays with Super Sister are a fine innovation. (I once made a life-size Venus De Milo out of matches and egg boxes.)

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  1. Anonymous says

    There is much much more to you honey, I could name seven things people don't know about you that would make their hair curl. PoN

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