Moonwalk (Edinburgh, June 2011) becomes me… or at least I hope so

This week I have done something I hope I don’t have cause to regret. I’ve signed up to take part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk this summer.

I’ve done it before so I know what I’m letting myself in for. The most recent time I did it without any training and that really wasn’t very much fun at all. I said “never again”, but then I’ve said that about other things too…

But then Lady Blah Blahs asked if I fancied doing it with her. Oddly I found I wanted to, really wanted to.

Then I remembered the good stuff.

Taking part in such a splendid – but ultimately bonkers – event with thousands of other motivated women (and a few men) is uplifting.

Walking towards the sunrise along the edge of the Forth makes my heart sing. Hard to talk about without sounding a bit blerugh but watching the dawn break is always magnificent.

All-nighters bring on the best kind of hysteria. Conversations and giggles through the dark and exhaustion are freer and funnier than normal ones.

It raises awareness and, importantly, cash for a really important cause.

I have a cast-iron excuse for going for a walk. Walking, for me, is usually a treat and therefore falls down the priority list below work and domestic do-dah.

My friend Fionaoutdoors, queen of all things fitness and empress of the training shoe, has asked me to post about my Moonwalk experience on her blog. So if you’re the slightest bit interested in my blisters and what socks work best then that’s where you’ll learn more than you ever imagined about it.

Meantime, the sun is shining so I’d better get going.

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  1. says

    It'll be fab! I'm really looking forward to it. Was thinking that if you did fancy a trip to London, maybe we could do some of the London route?

  2. Debbie says

    I did briefly consider this when you mentioned it – but I thought you were “only” doing the half-marathon. And even that was too daunting.
    What sort of time do you aim to do the full course in? I'm curious to assess just how hopelessly unfit I am – based on my times for rather more modest walks.

  3. says

    Jo, It will be fun. I went for a walk today – only 90 mins – during which I met a stray cow, some golfers and a couple of squirrels. London might be different.

    Debbie, I think you'd be surprised. It's only walking after all.

  4. says

    I'll be watching your blog with interest as I too am doing the Edinburgh moonwalk. It's the first time for me though :-S I'm nervous and SO excited!! Have started training already and i'm doing it with friends so it should be fun x

  5. Claire says

    Hello fellow walkers. I'm new too and having all sorts of panics about shoes, sleep, toilets. So please share all you know on these topics and more!!

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