Typo Tv – 60 Inuit Makeover

There’s a television revolution coming. Forget X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell is so last week he’s not even the new black any longer.

Actually the lovely Julia must take the credit. She started it with a tiny keyboard stumble and created 60 Inuit Makeover. Much, much better than the original and would feature people weeping as they take off their seal skins for the first time and lots of ig-loo jokes. I’d watch.

Then we realised it was a rich seam. Think about it. Dancing on Mice – sequins, fake tan and squeaking.

Dragon’s Din – really noisy pompous dragons.

Faster Chef – McDonald’s trainees (that was Richard’s gem)

Flue Peter – Period drama about a child who gets sent up chimneys.

Have I Got Pews For You? – Two sets of ushers go head-to-head.

Strictly Comb Dancing – tapdancing hairdressers.

In the Right Garden – Follow the hilarious capers of drunk people trying to get home. Whose lawn will they pass out on?

Boy Three has his own suggestion Come Dino with me

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