What did you to to remember your loved ones?

You’ll have noticed that we go on walks, but there’s also a bench and a cairn. Something solid to visit, commune with or at. X marks the spot.

And while it’s easy to agree that things don’t matter a jot, what a comfort there is – for now – in a solid thing to visit. And gravestones are so, well, final and dead, aren’t they?

I’ve noticed that we aren’t alone. Not surprising really – the extraordinary experience of grief and loss is so very unexceptional. On a recent few strolls (I know, they were supposed to be training walks) I’ve started to notice them – the plaques, benches and walkways lovingly placed as an act of remembrance.

So many and so touching that I’ve started to collect them in another blog, boringly titled In Memoriam. I’m only recording what I find, the few words on the thing say enough. If it fits, I’m also taking a picture of the view from the bench or the spot. That’s all.

If you find one on your travels you’d like to add or, even, your special one, please let me know. The photo doesn’t have to be a masterpiece – your phone camera will do nicely.

In Memoriam

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  1. says

    At my local indie cinema, you can buy memorial seats. They place a little plaque on the back usually stating a little message, the persons name and sometimes their favorite movie. I really like the idea! x

  2. says

    I like this idea but I also feel a bit uncomfortable with little plaques in beautiful places. fine if it's one or two but how many is too many. I loved your photographs and especially the benches.
    I like the idea of collecting and recording them.

  3. says

    I love the cinema seats idea.

    I always pass benches on the seafront dedicated to the memory of someone's loved one. In fact our engagement story involves a pair of memorial benches.

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