Cybermummy 2011: who am I?

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Not looking like Columbo

Looking like Columbo

I am living in exciting times – tonight I’m going to see Take That, next month I’m going to see Neil Diamond and on Saturday I’m going to see lots of women I’ve never met before. 
I could pause to ponder if the knickers that get flung at Robbie et al will be of the same kind to those chucked at Jazz Singer Neil’s feet, but I won’t.
Instead I’ll talk about Cybermummy. It’s the “UK’s premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers and designed to plug you into the wider blogging world”. There will be dozens of bloggers – many of whom I’ve ‘spoken to’ one way or another – but only, I think, two I’ve actually met. 
There is a lot of Cybermummy chatter going on all over the internet and I’ve just been too busy to take part. I’ve had my head down scribbling away on my book… about blogging. 
However, I thought at least I could join in with a post that introduces myself, so when you see a bewildered looking woman wandering around a venue in London, you’ll be able to tell her who she is and what she’s doing there.
Name: Ellen Arnison
Twitter id: @Ellen27
Height: 5’5″
Hair: brown with silver roots!
Eyes: brown and knackered looking.
Likes: Toast, blogging, taking pictures, walking, quality swearing and surprises.

Dislikes: Waiting, not being thinner, instant coffee and cruelty.
Most likely to say: ‘I’m sorry I’ve forgotten’ or ‘Where’s the loo?’
 If the event is half as good as the reports of last year’s suggest, it’ll be a blast. See you there ladies (and gents).
UPDATE: I have added a new photo because my husband, the Panther of News, reckoned the one I had used made me look like Columbo. I thought I’d leave it up though to see if anyone else agreed.
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  1. says

    Oh Ellen! You are so funny!!!
    you don't look ANYTHING like Columbo!! But your post made me LOL!

    I CAN'T WAIT to meet you in person tomorrow- I'm starting to get sooooo excited about Cybermummy. But I have to control myself for just a few more hours till I'm on the train to London- I have the ironing, some emails and another two school runs to do before then!!
    See you tomorrow hun!

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