I’m in handbag heaven and you can come too

This is not a sponsored post – I just want to share the love (and the discount)

If I were Divine Empress of the Known Universe for a day, I’d make splendid handbags available on the NHS to all women – particularly those over their ideal weight or who have to perform tricks to cover up grey hair.

Here’s why:

Handbags are loyal and dependable. They won’t stand you up or put you down.

Handbags have a secret side reserved especially for you. Getting intimate with a fabulously frivolous pink print lining will make you smile whereas getting intimate with a real person is often troublesome and trying.

Handbags are flattering. They match your mood or clothing du jour. A good one will perk up even the most perfunctory I-just-picked-it-off-the-bedroom floor ensemble into something special. And if you get a big one you can hide behind it.

Handbags cheer you up. When the world is conspiring and it’s raining on your washing again. A beautiful bag is a little ray of leather sunshine on your shoulder. (Leather sunshine!?)

Handbags are calming. Inhale the hide-y scent and stroke it’s butter-soft sides and tell me you don’t feel better.

Handbags are a last bastion of femininity. In my boy-dominated house, my bag is about the only place they won’t go. Especially as I’ve told them that miniature crocodiles live in the bottom of it. Yeah. Crocodiles and tampons!

This week I came across VV Amore where Queen of Handbags Sarah creates the most wonderful examples.

After hours of drooling and dithering between the Towny Babe, Towny Cow and Vintage Flower, I placed my order. Bliss.

Sarah started VV Amore when she couldn’t find the perfect, yet practical, bag of her dreams. She knows you need pockets, adjustable straps, strong clips and plenty of space.

She also created bags that look different without having to change to a different bag. And, in a stroke of genius that left me weak at the knees, a bag with a matching mini bag/purse that you could swap the shoulder straps onto.

So I urge you to take a stroll through the avenues and pathways of a world of harmony made so by Sarah’s heavenly handbags.

Oh, and Sarah says that if you tell her you read about it here she’ll give you a 20 per cent discount. That’s 20 per cent more arm candy therapy for your money!

Just drop me a line at ellenarnison@hotmail.com, in the comments here or on Twitter @Ellen27 and I’ll let you know how to get in touch with Sarah for your discount. Go on, you know you’re worth it.

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  1. Tracey Clayton says

    Wow these are some cool bags and some really fun ones.
    Yes please tell me how to reach handbag Nirvana minus 20% ecstasy!

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