What’s your favourite waste of time?

Time is hurling me towards my book deadline at the moment. And you’d have thought the pressure and importance of the whole thing would focus my mind, wouldn’t you?

However, instead of writing, one rainy Saturday afternoon I find myself googling that song from the eighties by Owen Paul. Like you do.

And on the same topic I offer my favourite ways to waste time:

  • People of Walmart – I just love them.
  • Twitter. Eavesdropping and gossiping at the same time.
  • Property porn. I can sometimes be found skulking on estate agents’ websites. Not that I have house envy, just to check…
  • What’s for tea? Recipe surfing. I think the first books to die will be those by Ramsay, Lawson, Smith et al. Now I just bung a list of what’s in the fridge in the Google box and see what’s on the menu.
  • Keeping up it trendy. We need a new word for the disappointment felt when you discover the trending topic name is, in fact, a footballer you don’t care about. But if I didn’t check I might miss something.
  • The Daily Mail. Don’t approve, don’t trust and know what their game is. However, that doesn’t stop me going there…
  • Ebay. So cheap it doesn’t count as shopping and I might not win the auction.
  • Vital statistics. Not vital at all, but that doesn’t stop me loitering in Google Analytics.
  • Making discoveries. Finding a site or blog post that makes me say “I bloody love the internet”. Then promptly forgetting about it.
  • Finding work. Finding work is all very well, but I don’t have enough time to finish the work I am already commissioned to do. Must stop.
  • Snacking. Oh yes, can’t work while eating, can I? Fridge here I come.
  • Prowling. Probably just as well I don’t have colleagues in an office. I can be found in any room in the house, especially while on the phone. Often I take a baby wipe with me and rub at fingermarks.

What are your favourite wastes of time?

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  1. says

    Oh yes, I can relate to pretty much all of those, but especially the Tweeting and blogging malarkey. I',m also endlessly getting up to make a cup of tea that I never drink because it goes cold, so I make another ad infinitum, Great post

  2. says

    I think blogging and twitter is definitely my favourite waste of time, though I don't see it as a waste of time really. I also found ironing a waste of time and stopped doing it more than 4 years ago now!

    CJ xx

  3. says

    I tend to do my tidying up when I'm on the phone, lol!
    I've found some really great artists on youtube, so have been spending far too much time watching their videos. Not to mention I seem to have forgotten about my self-imposed ban on facebook games. Whoops! >_<
    Then there's my soaps, and other tv programs that I… acquire… to watch (Fringe and Supernatural are being caught up on at the moment!).
    Of course there's Twitter, and generally reading other peoples' blogs!
    There are *far* too many distractions on the internet. It's too easy to get sucked in! >_<

  4. says

    Hi Ellen, I can relate to a lot of those. I waste time thinking about what i should do next, but never actually deciding. But my biggest time waster is just daydreaming about all my business ideas that would be amazingly successful and fulfilling, and not actually focussing on one of them and getting it done!

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