Hotter, especially for Hobbit feet



Tasty toes
I like my feet. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’m proud of them.
On them I have walked a very long way – it’s my favourite way to travel and my feet have never let me down.
Over the years, though, my tootsies have developed a thick skin. Not just on their soles, but metaphorically too. You see, many of the people who have had occasion to see my feet in the buff have been, well, downright rude about them.
The Panther of News – whose own dainty trotters rarely see the light of day – calls them Hobbit feet and reckons they wouldn’t look out of place in The Shire.
Ok, they are wide (but I’d say that makes for a more stable platform) and they do have high arches but, ahem, that makes them better to dance on. I say “no comment” to allegations of hairy toes.
What it does mean is that they are a bitch to find shoes for. Lovely footwear catches at the wrong bit or just, in the most miserable of cases, won’t go on.
Not long ago I discovered Hotter shoes. Buying by mail order I found their shoes were comfortable and, for my work-at-home lifestyle, good looking. They also make most of their shoes in extra wide sizes too. I bought a white pair that I have worn almost every day of the summer so far.
Until, that is. I spotted a tweet about the fact that Hotter were opening a real life shop in Glasgow’s Buchannan Galleries. I tweeted my delight (yes, I know. I don’t get out much) and got a reply. I was invited to visit the shop and pick a pair of shoes to review.
The shop opened on Wednesday and on Saturday I went along. Certainly there are some shoes you would consider a bit “old-lady”, but a great many that weren’t. So many that it took me a long time to decide what to choose.
I dithered over some cute strappy wedges and pondered a gorgeous pair that looked made to tango in. In the end I plumped for a pair of ambitiously named nirvanas in cornflower blue. And I’m delighted – comfy and with enough style to be somewhere between “nice” and “funky”.
Oh, and the Glasgow Hotter shop lady told me that if they have to order some shoes for you, they’ll deliver them to your home for free. (Delivery that is, not shoes, they’re good, but not that good.)
Disclosure: I was given a pair of shoes to review.
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  1. Anonymous says

    They look good, and comfortable. Generally I think the comfortable shoe makers have become much more design conscious. OK, they're not Jimmy Choo, but I bet you can wear them for longer and forget you've got them on! Mxx

  2. Anonymous says

    I, too, have Hobbit feet and was so pleased to hear someone else refer to “sturdy” feet in this way. I will be purchasing a pair of Hotter-brand shoes asap.


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