Why does blogging when you’re on holiday feel all wrong?

I like to blog. It is one of my favourite things. So why then does it feel all wrong to be doing it on holiday?
It’s not an obsession – honest. OK, I did check before we set off that our hotel had wi-fi, but I was really very calm when the suitcase containing, among other things, my netbook took an extra day to join us here.
So if being on holiday with my family is all about leisure and quality time then, why can’t I sneak off for a little blog when no one is looking without feeling guilty? 
Holiday blogging is a bit like texting during sex, putting ketchup on lobster or going to work in your pyjamas. There isn’t really any reason why you shouldn’t if no one else minds, but you just shouldn’t.
Is it because, deep down, we don’t really approve of technology and, ahem, social media. It’s too new fangled, too flighty and, therefore, just a passing fad. We remember Betamax, you see. And Sinclair C5s. Slankets and bubble perms…
But even then, I’m happy to run the risk of looking spectacularly geeky and uncool. Nope, I don’t even think it’s unwholesome – not the cheap chicken nuggets of a passtime. More I’d say the goujons made from a contented corn-fed chook, fried in spices and ready to dip in a fancy mayonaise with garlic.
And as if to prove the point, I’m writing this while the Panther of News shows delight at having found the German version of Big Brother on the telly. 
So I’d say a quick blog does you good – in moderation – even when you’re on holiday.
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    This is always a difficult one with me as ideally, because my blog is loosely travel-based, that's just the time I should be blogging. But I tend not to because I like to go cold turkey on hols and secretly try to prove to techno-hating husband that I'm not at all obsessed with the computer!
    What I do instead is take a notebook with me and jot things down – for some reason that doesn't get on anyone's nerves (son and husband chip in with their thoughts) and often the blogging is easier to do on my return.

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    Trish, isn't it odd that writing notes or reading an old-fashioned book doesn't annoy people? Actually I suspect my husband would like to see me not doing 'technology' too, although grabbing the netbook to check the football and cricket scores doesn't count apparently.

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    I wouldn't personally compare blogging on holiday to texting whilst having sex but I have just returned from a two-week holiday where I cut myself off completely from social media, blogging and all things connected.

    How did I do this? By spending four days scheduling a few choice guest posts, some pieces that I'd written myself, scheduling of some tweets thank to Tweetdeck and then sat back and relaxed.

    Was it worth it? Hell yes!! I needed the break but nothing was static for 15 days. My blog isn't a business but I adore the little community that has grown up around it and feel a lot of affiliation towards it.

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