Chest hair: to baldly go… or not

Sean Connery defies description

Tom Jones is not unusual… or at least he wasn’t

Selleck looks splendid

Starsky’s chest great

George Michael’s hair raising days were yet to come

Should men remove the hair from their chests? Arguably what happens inside a chap’s shirt is entirely his own business. Except that today I’ve decided to make it my business. 

Why? Because when I posted a message about a special offer at The Beauty Store in Glasgow, Lady Blahblahs posted that her London waxing lady gets most of her business from removing the fur from men’s chests (and other parts most likely, but chests were specified). She said: “Apparently young blokes don’t have hairy chests any more.”

How strange. Does that mean, then, that there’s a generation of women who think that bald and shiny chests are nice… or even normal? 

When boys turn into men, among the various things that break or drop, they start to grow hair other than on their heads. So they get faces that need shaved and pit and chest hair that doesn’t.

I quite like my man to look, erm, manly. And The Panther of News rises to that challenge admirably. It’s how it’s supposed to be, man fancies woman because she looks womanly and vice versa. Even when man fancies man and woman fancies woman, I’m fairly sure it’s because they look like sexually mature adults not oddly overgrown children. 

In the prime of a fellow’s life he should have chest hair. Ladies, tell me I’m not alone in enjoying stroking, twiddling and generally playing with my man’s chest hair. Obviously not when we’re on the train or during parents’ night, but, privately in our lair, then yes, I like it. 

Clearly there comes a point when hair management becomes something of an uphill struggle, but that isn’t a gender issue. It sprouts extraneously from chin, ear and brow at the same time as removing itself from crown. I suspect it’s one of Mother Nature’s little jokes – Follicle Roulette.

Before then though, fine chest foliage is a splendid thing. I feel very sorry for the generation of youngsters who won’t know the pleasure of a torso suitably covered. Don’t they look at proper men and thing “mmmmm”? 

So, this is a call to arms. Men lay down your razors and cancel your waxing appointments. Get hairy. Please.

PS In the course of research for this post one blogger revealed details of a traumatic encounter with a bloke with chest stubble. And another said her hirsute fellow won’t start to defuzz because it would be the “Forth Rail Bridge of hair removal”.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Admiral me. Although hair grows down the way now that am old. I use hairspray on my ear hair and back comb my nasal dreadlocks. Nice to be admiral though

  2. says

    Hair is desirable – waxed chests just aren't right to me.

    However, Sean Connery is a bit over the top. The Bond movies with him in used to make me feel ill.

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