Review: Regatta Splosh all-in-one, for the ambitious puddle jumper

Boy Three loves a puddle – one of his favourite things is to leap two-footed into the deepest one he can find.

He also loves playing out with his brothers, keeping up with them as best he can. The natural outcome of this ambition is that he spends much of his time hurtling after them so fast he ends up face-down, usually somewhere wet, cold and muddy. This is noisy and annoying.

The summer was fine, we just let him get grubby, but now it’s turned cold we need to find something to keep him warm and dry. Although he’s only two and a half, he’s a big lad and needs clothes made for older – and less fallyover – children.

So I was delighted when we were offered a Regatta all-in-one Splosh suit to try out. I chose a blue one in size 36 – 48 months.

First look: The suit is padded but not overly thick. It has a zip from throat down to the bottom of the right leg, elastic at leg and wrist and a fleece-lined hood. There are reflective trims round each sleeve.

Putting it on: Getting Boy Three into any garment is always something of a full body experience, so I was slightly trepidatitous about how easy it would be to get him into the Splosh. I needn’t have worried, it’s roomy and the zip isn’t fiddly. He was in it before he knew what was happening.

Is it warm? It seemed to be. He was toasty when everyone else was moaning about how cold it was.

Is it comfy? Once again, it seemed to be. Some all-in-ones are too bumfly (it’s a technical term meaning bulky) for comfort, but this wasn’t.

Any negatives: I wonder if the outer fabric is strong enough to withstand the kind of playing Boy Three will give it, but so far so good. It doesn’t have a tight fastening at the neck so a scarf will be necessary on really cold days.

The ultimate test? During this trip to the park with his brothers, Boy Three did the inevitable face plant. He was fished out pretty quickly, but instead of being soaked to the skin and needing to go straight home, he was quite dry inside.

Is it worth it: I’d say so. I’m also delighted to note that it is available in a bigger size as I don’t suppose Boy Three will have grown out of flinging himself into wet things by next year.

Disclosure: I was given a Regatta Splosh suit to review.

The suit, and a huge range of other kit, is available from outdoor clothing specialists Regatta.
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  1. Anonymous says

    He looks very happy in his new outdoor wear, but what a fab excuse you have to go out and play with your boys, when you simply must try out (or have them try out) some new piece of kit!!!! Mxx

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