Review: Hotter boots and fringe benefits

“Would you like to try a pair of our boots?” Erm. Let me think about it… Yes. 

My answer is quite likely to include bears and popes because I like a boot under most circumstances. In fact, the Panther of News thinks I own an extravagance of footwear, but then he had led a very sheltered life in some respects. 

So when the nice people at Hotter asked if I’d like to try their Charisma sheepskin boots it was what young folk call a no-brainer. 

Now this is probably a good point to mention my Ugg aversion. I have never liked the ubiquitous feet-made-from-dough boots that seem to be at the end of every second pair of legs on the high street – and everywhere else. It’s not just that wearing them is just so samey, there’s something about the shape of the toes that is so, well, beurgh. 

So at very first glance, I was dismayed to notice that the Charisma looks a bit Ugg-esque. But on second glance, they don’t. They have a lovely double fringe around the top and are, somehow, a different shape. They also have a more solid sole and heel piece. 

I was delighted when they arrived – complete with a free can of waterproofy treatment spray – they looked fab and even less Ugg-y than in the picture. I slipped my bare feet into them and, oh! The fleece against my feet felt divine. And warm. 

I work from home most of the time and the central heating goes off as the school bus leaves our road. After an hour or so it starts to get a bit parky – I wrap my hands around a hot coffee, I put on a huge fleece and, eventually, I give in and put the heating back on (only don’t tell the Panther). So a pair of boots that take cosy to a new level might just make working in an unheated house a more comfortable affair. 

So, in conclusion I love my new Hotter boots, they are comfy, warm and I think they look pretty cool (but in a hot way). 

Charisma is available from

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of boots to review. 

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  1. Debbie says

    I am currently in love with a pair of Bearpaw boots I got on a KGB deals offer for half-price. They look rather similar to the Hotter ones but minus the fringe. I like the Pocahontas look! xxx

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