Competition: Five sets of Crazy Soap for bathtime fun

Ducky nestles on foam under paint sun!

Three children – three different attitudes to personal hygiene.

Boy Three hasn’t actually noticed that baths are for something other than playing. Washing him is a very damp experience for all concerned. 

Boy Two is nearly ten and a very reluctant acquaintance to the damp flannel.

Boy One, looking down the barrel of puberty, is taking it’s physical changes seriously and spends prolonged periods in the shower. I don’t ask. 

So when we got offered some Kids Crazy Soap to test I jumped at the chance. We got sent some goo, some foam and some paint. Both Boys Two and Three had a ball – wallowing, painting each other and making stuff out of foam. 

What we liked a lot: Crazy Soap is a huge pile of fun. It really did turn bathtime into a treat. They would also be really entertaining to use in the garden on a hot day with a paddling pool or hosepipe. I had wondered if the soap and chemicals would have an adverse affect on my boys’ skin, but it didn’t.

What we liked slightly less: The blue Crazy Paint actually left Boy Three’s torso a ghastly shade of pale blue. I had to warn the nursery that he wasn’t suffering some odd ailment. 

If you would like to have some Crazy Soap fun, I have five sets of Foam, Goo and Soap to give away. Just tell me who you’d most like to share a bath with to enter the draw. 

Crazy Soap is on Facebook. 

The competition closes on April 13 and all decisions are mine and final. 

Maria Knight
Sam from Testing Time
Ashley Allan
Kelly Hooper

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  1. Anonymous says

    Boy one at nursery?? Boy three at puberty? Now you know how easy it is to call one's children all the wrong names! Unless of course you've decided to number upwards instead of downwards…Mxx

  2. Rebecca Foster says

    My neice, Emma who is 4 1/2 years old. She had her 1st sleep over with us last weekend and loved slipping & slashing up and down the bath with bubbles!

  3. Anonymous says

    My neice; Emma who is 4 1/2 years old. She loved her time time last weekend – slipping and splashing up and down the bath. It was great fun!

  4. says

    absolutely no one. With no one knocking at the door, or having a tantrum outside it, no one needing the toilet, or the remote control.

  5. says

    I love bath time with my kids, we always have loads of fun and they get to play with my hair and make “Sonic the hedgehog” hair doo's with shampoo! Then I get to play with theirs and make funky styles with shampoo. We always have loads of fun!

  6. Lauren Morris says

    I have to say my lovely husband (only because he is looking over my should….really Johnny Depp!)

  7. says

    I would most like to share my bath with Orlando Bloom!

    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Facebook – Kirsty Fox
    Email – robertfox24 [AT] aol [DOT] com

  8. says

    I'd most like to share my bath with my boyfriend. Unfortunately after having 3 children – 2 of them twins, I'm a little worse for ware on the body size side of things so he can't fit in!

  9. says

    I understand calling your kids boy 1, 2 and 3, I have 5 kids, ranging from 6 up to 26, when there all playing up, and I have to shout at them, they think I'm real funny as I go Whats your name, lol, anyway, on the very rare occasion we have any time alone, I love to share a bath with the Hubby, loads of bubbles and a glass or 2 of wine x

  10. Beth Norfolk says

    My partner….failing that, I'd be more than happy if Angelina Jolie fancied dropping by. I'd even have the tap end, and she could have the good towels!

  11. says

    I would most like to share a bath with David Walliams! Ive developed a bit of a crush on him and I think being in a bath with him would be quite funny!

  12. Lisa says

    Being selfish i'd say myself, as i love to stretch out in the bath! Also a nice chilled glass of white wine & a mag :)

  13. says

    Just myself….. kids in bed, dogs walked, wife watching TV, lights turned down, bath full and 'finger pruning' hot…. don't forget to put a flannel over the plug hole to make it even deeper (just don't move or you'll flood the bathroom)…………….. :p

  14. bernie says

    In an ideal world a book and my absent friend Peace and Quiet – in reality its a bundle in our house – one in all in!!

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