Review: Bombata 10” micro iPad briefcase – grown-up but not stuffy

Once upon a time there was a satchel….
It’s not easy this bag business, is it? I’ve long struggled to find the right thing to carry whatever I need for whatever job I happen to be doing.
Actually it isn’t really a satchel that sticks in my mind from school, but a bright orange shoe bag that with a wonderful (though probably highly toxic) smell. Does anyone remember them? There was a choice of sporty designs on them, wasn’t there?
And I’m sure the designs – footballers, basketball, hockey and the like bore no relation to my singularly un-sporty primary pupil self.
It was the start of a life-long work-bag related difficulty.  My high school bags – heavily laden – were practical and dull. I was gripped by envy at the girls who had funky, flimsy colourful ones. I never saw them falling to bits, but presumably they did.
At university I flirted with nudism – bare heaps of notebooks and files lugged about in a pile. Can’t remember why, but then I can’t remember much from those days.
In business desperately trying to look professional I tried old-school hard angular briefcases. They were either rattlingly empty or stuffed and impossible to navigate. Deeply unsatisfactory.  
My last briefcase got its marching orders shortly after my then husband’s mother’s dog weed over it. I took it to be a sign.

Journalism meant all I needed was a bag or pocket big enough for a notepad and pen. We didn’t even have phones in those days. But handbags have a way of swallowing all the pens that work so you are burrowing for one when you should be scribbling.

I never got it right in the world of PR – I was a jumble of briefcase/folder and bag. How were you supposed to carry everything you needed and still look effortless. Lord knows, ’cos I didn’t.

Now, I am occasionally called upon to visit professional people and look like I might, actually, know what I’m talking about so the problem has surfaced again. Worsened by the fact I don’t do it everyday…

But now I have the solution. Meet the Bombata 10” micro briefcase in the funkiest of purples (though available in a rainbow range) stocked by The Luggage And Bag Shop
What does the blurb promise?

Italian/European Look iPad Briefcase (I don’t have an iPad, but it’s perfect for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.)
Very light, made of high quality vinyl and silicone
Three pockets to store documents (There is also a zippy pocket and one for pens. The document part is A4 sized.
Shoulder strap and dust bag Included for travelling. (Does anyone actually use a dust bag for storage? Maybe I should start. Straps are long enough to use as shoulder straps or across your body)
Straps hold a netbook or tablet securely.
Laptop compartment dimensions: 9.6″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″
Size: 13″ x 10″ x 2″

What’s good about it? 

It looks very funky yet still manages to give an air of being grownup and tidy. I’m apt to let my handbag loll on the floor with the contents showing which does not give an air of professional competence.
It’s comfy and easy to carry.
There is space and you can find things.

What’s bad about it?

The handle on the short side takes a bit of getting used to. Weird, I know.
When using the cross-body strap the case can stick out a little.
You want one? 

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