Why shouldn’t gay people get married and other puzzling matters…

Moon for howling at

The rest of the world has gone chips-up-the-nose bonkers and I’m part of a tiny band of sane people left scratching our heads.

Here is this week’s list of things I am bewildered by:

Gay marriage. Why shouldn’t they? After all if Britain is broken and society more flaky than a Gregg’s pasty, shouldn’t more happy, legally-tied family units be welcomed? I’m astonished at the air time and column inches given to this when there are so many more pressing concerns.

Seeds sold as a snack. They are impossible to eat. I may as well empty the packet down the inside of my shirt.

Why Stacey Solomon is becoming the living embodiment of evil for having a fag or two while pregnant. Ok it’s not the best, but shouldn’t we save some bile for abusers, thieves, rapists, racists, and drunk drivers?

Wires. My house is full of them. Headphones, ear phones, chargers, connectors and other mysterious ones. Where do they come from and what can I do with them?

And trousers. As the nests of wires continue to expand, trousers are vanishing. Despite buying what feels like dozens of pairs of sensible ones for school, both Boy One and Boy Two say they can’t find any. 

Oh and what did Boy Three do with the cheese grater? I can’t find it anywhere, not even next to the rolling pin under the sofa.

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