Another bloody birthday…

Boy in a paddling pool
Who needs a luxury cruise for their birthday?

Or how the hell did I get to be 45 all of a sudden?

(Warning: a middle aged navel will be gazed at.)

Another one, lovely as it goes, in the sunshine of my sister’s garden.

But really, it is not, cannot possibly be, twelve months since the last one.

They hurtle in now, one behind the other, as life hurries faster and faster.

Inside, it could be 21, 32 or 36 – I particularly liked 36. Year after year, it’s just the same – no apparent change, only an increasing breeze created by life accelerating along.

Outside it’s a different story. There are days when every single one of those 45 years makes itself apparent around the eyes… and probably elsewhere.

Birthdays, sneaky red letter days, leap out of the undergrowth at me every May 27. They prompt variously reflection, panic, dismay, cake eating, gin drinking.

But what are they really trying to tell me?

Is it hurrah I’ve survived to another one? Or perhaps, look out. Tick, tick. Get a move on.

Perhaps a bit of both. 

So this year it will be different. I can already hear 46, a long way off, revving up. I no longer have time for farting about and faffing and not being bothered. And for putting up with the irrelevant, irritating and tedious. 

Please remind me of this the next time you catch me travelling in circles around a heap of trivia. 

PS The correct response to this post is: “I had no idea you were so old, you don’t look anything like it.”

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  1. Anonymous says

    “The foot-hills of middle-age” was how it used to be described, and from where I sit you look very young and lovely, with drive and energy to spare. I sugggest you don't dwell on the number too much, just get on with life and living. Have fun. Mxx

  2. says

    Think your mum has said it, (she sounds lovely :)) I'm staring the big 46 in the face, this Friday in fact, and yet I'm sure I'm still only 21…wibble. It goes to fast yes to be sure, but we can learn to slow it down I have found. How? By not worrying about the little things, taking time out and just being you. Don't keep people around in your life who don't make you happy, they suck so much energy and time. And as for the rest, well, it has a way of taking care of itself.
    Happy Birthday and enjoy it :-) x

  3. Anonymous says

    Which one am I – irrelevant, irritating or tedious? You look bloody great, still sexy, still sultry, demure, striking and poised. Still clever, even funnier and just as impatient.
    But, and this is where you win the prize you sexy hunk of burning love, you're still married to me.

  4. says

    “I had no idea you were so old, you don't look anything like it.”

    My Gran-In-Law, who is 92 and going strong has a theory that the years feel like they are flying by quicker, because the older you get, a year becomes a smaller percentage of your life – which also explains why birthdays and Christmas seemed to take, like, 10 years to come around when you are small!!

  5. says

    Isn't it lovely how your mother and husband are right there to give you a confidence boost! Some great advice here which, as I am older than you, I will take on board as I too feel the birthdays come round too quick.

  6. says

    I knew you were catching me up but (ahem) I had no idea you were so old, you don't look anything like it. You could do a great deal worse than a mum and a husbande like that, eh? Seriously, Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday X

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