Stupid things people say on telly…

Making an ass of yourself

If you can’t avoid a cliche like the plague at least stop it going tits up over elbow.

Have you noticed how much tosh people talk on the telly these day?

Utter nonsense that happens when cliches and homilies collide.

What did that pillock on the Apprentice mean when he said “I hope it’ll help me in good stead”?

How about the I’m A Celebrity F-lister whose boyfriend promised she would “talk the hind ears off a donkey”?

Then repeatedly our children find themselves bewildered by a continuity announcer who says “there’s no I in team but there are three in Team Umizoomi”.

Have you tripped over any cracking examples lately?

(pic by Donkey Sanctuary Press)

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  1. says

    I hate that sooo much, really annoys. I also hate those programmes that thinks its clever to make themed witticisms about everything they say e.g. a programme based around the sea perhaps..oh and our couple will be 'plain sailing' when…! aaaaggghh

  2. says

    I agree. It's funny, in a past life I was a subeditor for tabloid newspapers and there the art of the pun is, ahem, alive and kicking. But it amazed me that people would often have a go at tabloid writing and get it totally wrong.

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