Review: Toucan Box for hands-on fun

I’m rubbish at crafts with the kids. I can’t ever think of what to do and we never have the right stuff if I am ever inspired. 

Glitter makes me twitch and I’m so ham-fisted things never look the way we hope they will. 

So when I was offered a ToucanBox to try out we seemed like the ideal guinea pigs – the family that doesn’t craft together if it can possibly avoid it. 

ToucanBox is a brilliant idea. You get a box once a month full of all the stuff you need for at least four crafty creations plus instructions. 

Ours was the Bird Box and had the makings of a bird feeder, a toucan family, a peacock collage and a bird glider. Plus there was a love book called Dazzle Duckling, a guide to drawing birds and some colouring stuff. 

It’s supposed to be for three to six year olds, but I’d say the appeal was much wider. Boy Three at just three enjoyed it (with much supervision), but his brothers One (12) and Two (10) liked it too. 

It costs £19.95 for one month (including P&P) but the price goes down to  £16.99 if you subscribe for six months. 

What we liked.

I love the idea and the fact that everything is in the box. 

The projects are varied and suitable for all ages. Boy One made the bird feeder on his own and Boy Two made the toucans. 

They get someone as crummy at crafts as me to sit with the kids and create something that took most of a wet afternoon. This is remarkable. 

Clearing up was easy – you just shove it back in the box. 

Even if your children run riot with paint/glue/glitter the quantities aren’t catastrophic. 

ToucanBox forces you to spend quality time together, which is a Good Thing. 

We haven’t used everything up and have already spent several contented hours with no shouting at all.

What we liked less. 

Very little really. 

The glue supplied for the bird feeder wasn’t up to the Scottish rain.

The toucan family needed to be held together with drawing pins.

Who is ToucanBox for?

Families allergic to craft, like us. 

Grannies, aunties, dads – anyone who wants to have some activity up their sleeves.

Gifts – I can see quite a few of my nephews getting this for their next birthdays. 

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  1. says

    I like the concept – we're a bit allergic to crafts and thus underprepared too – but I think the monthly thing could put me off. I like the one off idea and damage limitation with quantities.

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