Ten things to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about…

Food with faces

I spent two days this weekend in the most inspiring company. I was at BritMumsLive! in the company of some 500 other bloggers. 

One of the speakers was Zoe Williams from the Guardian. She wrote Stop Insulting, Start Listening To Mums Who Blog

And that’s really where this post comes in. She said everything I want to, only so much better. In fact, Zoe and the dozens of other clever, funny and talented writers have left me somewhat speechless. 

Obviously I wanted to come back from the event brimming with creative loveliness and snappy one-liners.

But I didn’t…

So instead, just in case I’m not the only one, I opened the Old Chestnut drawer and brought some things to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about.

Funny things kids do. Like this morning, when Boy Three reported a “pizza” walking across the bathroom floor. 
“A pizza?”
“No, not a pizza, silly mummy, a creature. And I’m afraid of it.”
“Oh? Oh. It’s only a woodlouse, it lives here too.”
“But it hasn’t got any eyes.”

Gratitude. A quick blast of things that to be thankful for is always a bit of a pickmeup. For example, I am so hugely grateful to Susanna and Jen for inviting me to take part in such an awesome event. I’m still pinching myself. 

Sex life, lack thereof or otherwise. Only I’ve promised the Panther of News that what happens in the den, stays in the den. Instead see the Ministry of Mum’s post on seven days of special love. 

My house is a shit tip/clutter cluster/Mecca for microbes. Always makes me feel better because people post that theirs is too. And anyway who cares about housework?

On the menu. What did you eat? What are you having for dinner tonight? We’re having left-over cottage pie. Oh yes, living the dream here. Only perhaps the addition of chorizo makes it the much more exotic finca pie. But the Panther reckons the chorizo was a mistake, so controversial too. 

You’ll never guess what happened… The weird stuff, when written down always seems weirder. Like on Saturday when @kidsbeehappy, whom I’d just met, and I discovered that we lived in the same flat, albeit 20 years apart. A flat that was some 400 miles from our meeting place. 

What I learned. One of my favourites, because my granny always told me “you’re never too old to learn new things”. This weekend I learned that Tune Hotels are pretty good. flat shoes are probably better than heels when you want to concentrate, and you can wear sequins in the daytime. 

What I wore. Sequins and flat shoes, see above. Transatlantic Blonde has a collection of posts about what people wore. 

Food with faces. This was the wonderful Mammasaurus‘ suggestion for what to post if blogging has become a chore – a sausage with eyes. Time for a new mememe maybe.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuRBCXkcUrM]

PS I know there are only nine, but I like to keep it edgy.

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  1. says

    It was lovely seeing you again at BML. I meant to tweet you afterwards to see if my speaking tips helped? I'm sure you were awesome.
    I love your Silent Sunday post- it made me laugh!
    I have actually mentioned you on my latest post about BML, so you may get a trackback…
    Hope to see you at the next one!

  2. says

    Loved the “blogging for happiness” session – made me think a lot about where my blog was going and that I don't want it to go that way 😉

    I also love this checklist! One of the “weird” things that happened to me recently was that I had been tweeting to someone about HG and then we connected on FB and only then (when randomly talking about acupuncture) did we realise we actually live just down the road from each other! And even weirder is the fact that we had bumped into each other briefly at a breastfeeding cafe last year and not made the connection. I love “you'll never believe this” kind of stories! One of my lecturers at uni led a whole seminar on this kind of phenomenon when we were studying Dr Zhivago, about how he met someone he knew up a mountain!

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