Bruxism – becoming a bit of a grind

Dental impressions
A good impression

The last two tooth guards

I have always been a tooth grinder, apparently. When I go to sleep it seems everything relaxes except my mouth. 

It first became a thing when I was at university. I had my wisdom teeth removed because my jaw was hurting.

Months later, it still hurt. The dentist concluded I was grinding my teeth because of the stress of exams and made me a particularly sexy tooth guard.

Over the next few years I broke several of them – hard ones, rubbery ones, tiny little girly ones and great big ones with bits of metal. Then I went without for spells result in sensitive and worn down teeth.

The tops of my worn front ones have all been filled and one of the back ones cracked resulting in emergency root canal treatment which is every bit as nasty as it sounds. Oh and a little painful in the wallet too.

This year alone I have broken two tooth guards of different kinds and need to go back and get another one leaving me probably £50 poorer.

So why share this fascinating tale of my dental idiosyncrasies?

Only the other day during an everyday story of country folk, Keith Horrobin declared he was grinding his teeth at the cost of his daughter’s wedding.

So with bruxism in such esteemed quarters maybe some other solutions might be just around the corner. Ambridge will be abuzz with alternative cures.

Will the Bull hear conversations about the relative merits of hypnotherapy? Or will someone suggest injections of botox in the jaw muscles? I think a few people wood be happy to see Linda Snell try it out. 

Meantime, I guess I’ll just grit my teeth and ring the dentist… again. 

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  1. says

    I grind my teeth at night too! Mouth gaurds ar rubbish … not only do they get stinky but it only takes a year before I've chewed my way through the b*gger! I feel for you !

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