Michelle Mone, please remember you’re the adult in this

Michelle Mone by Graeme Bird via Flickr
She hasn’t got a point

In the paper today, the ubiquitous Ms Mone is moaning about having to hand her kids over to their dad for the holidays.
It’s, according to The Scottish Sun and her Twitter account, “the hardest things she’s ever done”. Made worse, apparently, by the fact that her ex is with his new love – Samantha Bunn.
Tough tits Michelle. This is how it goes for so many of us. Of course it hurts to pass our children to their other parent for a chunk of the summer. Of course our houses echo empty and we cry alone once they’ve gone.
But do you know what we do, Michelle? We wipe our faces and get on with it. We don’t whinge about it somewhere our children might see nor do we snipe in public about ex’s new squeezes.
Why? Because we’re bloody grown ups and our kids didn’t ask for any of it. It’s not their faults and they have enough to deal with without the burden of knowing how bad mummy feels about it.
Certainly, the notion of some other woman caring for your children mightn’t be the happiest. The only solution is to stop thinking about it. You can’t reasonably consider that if you don’t want your husband any more, he shouldn’t be free to find someone else.
Grow up. Michelle, stop wallowing in self-pity. Michelle? What’s that… Oh, you’re off to London… What’s that? Parties, Olympics, photocalls, bra flogging…

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Pic: Graeme Bird via Flickr

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  1. says

    I dislike Ms Mone intensely. She's used to getting her own way and really bloody hates it when she doesn't get it. She is very self-centred which is probably why she's successful but also a difficult person to live with. When she was on Celeb Masterchef, she even paid to spend time with celeb chefs. I laughed when she got booted off.

  2. says

    I read the Sun article, washed my eyes out, and still can't stop laughing at the notion one “hands over” a 19 year old to their father….

  3. says

    Well that told her. I call that feeling in the pit of your stomach an anti orgasm. Some of my married friends don't even like leaving their kids with their present husbands! I get that too, but we have to man up.

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow! Lots of resentful people on here. Why do we loathe success and the freedom to express our feelings so much. Michelle is reaching out to millions of women who can relate to her here by saying that she too is finding a break-up hard. What's more can you imagine handing your kids over to someone who used to be your fried and colleague and slept with your husband behind your back?

  5. says

    Anonymous (it is so much nicer if you say who you are),

    I'm sorry you see resentfulness and people who loathe success – it certainly isn't what I intended. Why would I resent Michelle?

    I'm all for expressing feelings, hence the blog. Although, as your comment illustrates, when one says something in public, one must be prepared for the reaction it provokes. If you don't want a reaction, then don't say something in public.

    There's no question break up and handing over ones children is difficult – I think I made that clear.

    Also there has been no suggestion that Michelle's husband had an affair while they were still together, I hope that isn't what you are claiming.

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