Questions about modern life?

If they can make planes that break the sound barrier, why can’t they make roads that don’t have potholes in them?

If they can create fake tan that doesn’t smell of biscuits, why can’t they invent a painless way of putting sunblock on children?

If they can eliminate smallpox, why do we still have athlete’s foot and the common cold?

If they can make touch-screen technology, why is it still bloody difficult to get in to so much packaging?

If there are reversing sensor on cars, why aren’t there car sensors for people?

If cleaning products can killed all known germs, why does grouting always go black in the end?

If we can Skype people anywhere in the world, why can’t I get a mobile signal in my house?

Why is the most misogynistic and badly written book in ages one of the best sellers this year?

If they can make 3D high tech virtual reality games, why can’t they make Lego that doesn’t end up where you are going to stand?

If they can make McDonald’s Happy Meal toys indestructible and impossible to lose, why can’t those same properties be applied to important things?

If they can make nappies that feel like fairy wings on our babies’ arses, why can’t they invent a way of dispensing nappy bags that doesn’t leave you considering licking a shitty finger?

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  1. Anonymous says

    And wouldn't you think by now that 'they' would have invented permanent and effective sealant for baths and showers which doesn't require to be scraped out and redone every so often, because it has shrivelled, shrunk, and (see above) gone black and disgusting. We have wonderful baths, showers, wet rooms these days, but if the final sealant doesn't retain the water for more than 5 minutes, what's the point? Mxx

  2. says

    lol love it. The nappy bags always drive me nuts, you can never get one open without getting the poop on some part of the outside of the bag. And packaging, grrr.

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