The case study request that made me bang my head off the desk repeatedly

It got my goat

We are looking for a man whose wife is much more intelligent than him – and the relationship works!

This arrived in my inbox today, as one of many updates from an organisation that helps journalists find case studies. You know the kind of thing – we’re doing a story about families where the men all hate Marmite while the women love it, do you know anyone? Or 50 Shades of Gray Hair – we want to talk to someone from the OAPs SMBD club.

However, today’s took the biscuit. It’s for the Sunday supplement of a big-selling national paper. 

I could fill pages and pages deconstructing the implication that a man should be more intelligent than his wife and that if that isn’t the case something must be terribly amiss. But I won’t… I’m too busy bashing my head off the desk and swearing. 

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  1. Anonymous says

    Strikes me this comes somewhere in the realms of the “have you stopped your wife?” sort of question. Mxx

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