A cure for blogstipation

Loch Lomond from Balloch
Calm reflection

Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about actual blogging on our blogs. But what’re you gonna do? Oi…. come back.

But then again, if you don’t know what to blog about, usually thing that is taking up the most space in your mind is the best place to start.

Normally, my head is full of ideas for posts and they just plop out as easily as if five-a-day have been diligently consumed. But sometimes they don’t.

Don’t know why, but there are times they won’t come no matter how hard I squeeze. Or how long I sit.

It’s been a bit that way this week. So I thought I’d come up with a few suggestions to get things moving, senna for your social media if you like. 

See what’s already there. 
I always have a few half-finished posts floating around. When I say a few I currently have 109 in draft! So it might be time for a clear out. It’s always worth a little look through to see if there’s something that inspires. It might only need a little work and it’ll be ready to go. 

Let a picture do the talking.
Is there a photo you could share? What’s on your phone? Here’s what I concluded when I looked at the images on my mobile the other day. 

C’mon and join the blog-hop.
There are numerous memes, linkys and blog-hops all over the internet. Love All Blogs is full of inspiration as is Britmums

Read all about it. 

Find your favourite bloggers, or follow your nose through their blog rolls. Just read and before you know it you’ll find something that sparks an idea. No one will mind, particularly if you mention on your post where you got the inspiration. 

Start typing. 
I don’t mean to be fatuous, but, especially if there’s something on your mind that is blocking your blogs, then writing it down is one of the best ways of shifting it. You don’t have to publish it. 

Ask Twitter. 
If I’m in the unusual situation of having some time but nothing on my mind to blog about, I ask Twitter. Like Ready Steady Cook, take the ingredients they give you and create something tasty. #readysteadyblog.

Make a list. 
10 things that annoy me,
9 reasons for buying chocolate,
8 hot people on CBeebies,
7 reasons we need to see Prince Harry naked,
6 songs I love and why,
5 things to do with an old pair of socks,
4 terms you’ve googled but wish you hadn’t, 
3 types of schoolgate mum,
2 people who inspired you 
1 more so you get the idea…

Spill the beans
Is there an aspect of your life that you don’t really think about but that we, out here on the internet, might be interested in? A weird experience, rare medical condition, odd coincidence. 

Log off and go to bed. 
Might you just be too knackered? Stop trying and do something else. Come back to it in the morning. Honest, it works. When I was a reporter I often found I couldn’t make any sense of my shorthand in the evening, but if I looked at it first thing it all became clear. 

Meantime, keep taking your five a day, drinking lots of water and you’ll get the result you want.

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  1. says

    I love that term 'blogstipation!' The best advice I took out of your book was that our blogs are our territory to do with what we feel when we feel, so I don't feel obliged to anything at all when I don't feel like it, or, much more commonly, the time escapes me. Nice tips though for when the spirit's there but the motion isn't!

  2. says

    That was a really great post and great reminder of what to do when I cant think of anything to write! Sometimes I find just typing can be a great cure all! X

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