Review: Rivetz Racer card sculpture

Rivetz Racer
Boy Three has a go

Boy One, who, as he keeps telling me, is nearly 13, loves building things. He is very keen on Lego, quite happy with Airfix and, to my delight, my go-to child for assembling home-assembly items. 

Therefore he got first dibs on the Rivitz Racer paper sculpture kit. And, frankly, it’s not noisy enough to attract either of his brothers’ attention. 

What’s in the box? Sheets of strengthened card, that you pop out and a rivetz gun. Oh, and instructions and plastic rivetz. 

Rivetz Racer
Ta-da, the finished racer

How does it work? Follow the instructions and pop the bits together using the gun and rivets. 

Sounds fiddly. It was. Boy One, usually pretty good at fiddly, got quite frustrated with it. I think a younger child would probably need some help. 

Rivetz Racer
A Boy, the Car and a pile of bits

What did we like? It was very satisfying to see flat sheets turn into a model. The paper wasn’t really paper, more like plastic so it was very strong. I had worried that it would tear and there would be weeping and wailing, this wasn’t the case at all. Also the rivets hold quite firmly, but you can re-do them if necessary – and it will be necessary. 

What did we like less? Look at the help of off-cuts and the floor was covered with little discs too. On the other hand, there’s no glue or other sticky stuff. Also, as Boy Three found out once his big brother had completed it, the finished thing is a model and doesn’t ‘do’ anything. 

Who is it good for? Children who like building things and have some patience. Parents who also have patience. This is great fun, but not a ‘this will keep them busy while we do something else’ kind of toy. Probably quite a good toy to do at granny’s because there isn’t any lasting mess. It’s supposed to be for kids aged between six and 12, I’d say a six year old would need an awful lot of help to do this, so be prepared. 

Is it worth it? At around £12, then yes it probably is. It provides quite a lot of entertainment for the money. 

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  1. Anonymous says

    Nothing whatever to do with the merits of the modelling kit – although I did note that it was probably a good thing to do at Granny's – but do I detect that Boy 3 has had his curls cut??

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