Christmas: This year it’s going to be different

I know there is still a sixth of a year to go and by the measure of anyone sane this is far too early for mention of the c word, and certainly not time for any ho ho ho.

I have already met three people who have done ALL Their Christmas shopping. All of it. How is that even possible?

I would stand a better chance of provisioning a kayak trip up (or down) the Yukon river than of sorting out all the seasonal shopping. This I know because I recently met a woman planning to do just this, so I thought about it.

About now, coinciding with the first M&S ad and the local hardwear shop shoving a family of illuminated polar bears in its window my anxiety moves from free floating to festive. 

However, not this year. No siree Santa.

I am going to be serenity herself.  I will not get irrational and unreasonable culinary ambitions. This year I will be utterly content to aim for buying everything necessary readymade and any proper cooking that happens is a bonus.

The themed and glittering transformation of my home into a magical place is unrealistic – a fact I can finally accept. Therefore I will be content with wonky and moulting.

Shops pumping out merciless and catchy versions of Frosty The Snowman and Last Christmas will not catch me out this time. I am prepared – braced against my reaction.

Mistletoe and Wine will not cause me to hurtle up the seasonal aisle stuffing never-to-be-sent cards, selection boxes and just-in-case bath salts into my trolley. Not this year. While we’re on the subject where is the selection element in a packet of sweeties you are going to scoff everyone one of?

So the next time someone asks if I’m ready – which they do with a glint of sadistic glee – I’m going to smile and say “yes, I am”. 

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    I learnt a few years back that nothing really matters that much. That weather or not our family has a good christmas doesn't have anything to do with Brussel Sprouts, of the fact that for one day only each year we have a starter. And that it all comes down to how happy and relaxed mum is.

    So, we don't do perfectly wrapped christmas presents, we do imperfectly “wrapped with love by my girlies” presents without ribbon, with untidy corners, sometimes without a bow, and sometimes with maybe a dozen bows per present!

    We don't do perfectly symmetrical Christmas trees, we do “decorated by my girlies” christmas trees, with at least 80% of the decorations on the front of the tree at the bottom.

    We don't do sit down Christmas lunch, we do a kiddy lunch (at some time when the kids are hungary after all the sweeties) and after that we do a grownups lunch at the table when the kids are fed, tired, and cuddled up with their books, games and favourite christmas movies.

    And I have to confess that Christmas cards sometimes get sent out in January.

    And I tell you I love it. A perfect christmas beats christmas perfection anytime.

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    Oh what a joy it is to read these two posts. I have a friend I meet regularly who is done already and I have told her we can't be friends again until January. I asked how popular she makes herself with handing out her Xmas cards on the 1st Dec every year and she grinned 'sadistically' and said 'Not very!' Yet she still does it!

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    I try not to think about Xmas until December (anyway, my birthday comes first!). Tesco's around the corner had their Xmas tree up before bonfire night. I despair!.

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